Welcome to the Savvy Host Network!

A positive space for hosts to build and grow an elevated vacation rental experience.

Empowering Hosts, Creating Unforgettable Stays: The Savvy Host Network

Welcome to the Savvy Host Network, an online community designed exclusively for vacation rental hosts who are passionate about providing unforgettable stays, filled with excitement, comfort, and lasting memories for their guests.

This group of Savvy Hosts and industry experts boast a range of properties and experiences, including cozy mountain cabins, beachfront condos, charming countryside retreats, luxurious villas, and elevated urban penthouses; however, they may also have fun, family glamping tents, lakeside fishing cabins, or Alaskan fishing huts.  

Savvy Hosts understand that quality and attention to detail are paramount. They understand the needs of their target market, they provide exceptional customer service, and they open their homes to diverse guests. 

As a Savvy Host, you're redefining the meaning of "vacation rental" and setting new standards for the industry.

If this resonates with you, come and join our community.

Be my guest.

If you are a host who is motivated to build and grow your hospitality business, boost your brand visibility, create spaces that captivate your target audience, and master marketing techniques while utilizing tools, systems, and automation that simplify your work,

So you can concentrate on the things you love about hosting...

Then, join us!  So our group of hosts and industry experts can support you in building a business that goes beyond being just a place to stay—it becomes THE place to stay!

Hey, I'm Jodi Bourne!

As a vacation rental specialist, educator, and website designer, I have stayed in over 50 distinctive vacation rentals, glamping tents, and boutique hotels across the U.S., witnessing firsthand how hosts create unforgettable experiences.

With over 25 years of combined expertise in marketing, customer service, public relations, and business coaching, I began my work in tourism in 2012 and realized soon after that this is what I was born to do!  I have collaborated with hosts from almost every continent, guiding them as they elevate their brands, market their destinations, and craft exceptional experiences for their guests—resulting in more bookings, increased ROI and happy guests. 

I established this network of hosts after recognizing the need for more support, mentorship, and peer-to-peer interaction in a nurturing and collaborative environment without negativity, conflict or judgment.